Zhao Liying poses for photos while on vacation

Zhao Liying Beach
Given her reputation as a workaholic, it’s so nice to catch a glimpse of Zhao Liying simply having fun during her me time. The actress who completed filming for The Story of Minglan last month is taking a well-deserved break with no work, no commitments, just some fresh air, sunlight and the sea. She looks genuinely happy, healthy and carefree. Love the pics! 

Zhao Liying Beach
Zhao Liying swimming
Zhao Liying Beach
Zhao Liying Beach
Zhao Liying Beach
Zhao Liying Beach
Not to go completely off topic here but Zhao Liying’s Princess Agents co-star Lin Gengxin was recently spotted on vacation too. He was reportedly in Taipei with actress Wang Likun (see pics here).
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