The Ex Man (2018)

The Ex-Man Taiwan drama Rainie Yang Blue Lan
Rainie Yang and Blue Lan are the stars of the romance series The Ex Man 前男友不是人. It is about a 30-year-old woman named Li Qinai who been trying to forget about her ex-boyfriend, Dai Haian, whom she has not seen for over 10 years when she suddenly realized that he’s not completely there. She wondered if he was dead or if she was dreaming.  

The Ex-Man taiwanese drama May 2018
The two actors play both their older selves and younger selves (complete with school uniform) and while Rainie Yang can pull off looking like a teenager despite being 33 in real life, unfortunately, Blue Lan who is almost 40 does not. Haha! It also stars Johnny Lu who plays Li Qinai’s current boyfriend and Sophia Li who plays Zhong Shuying. 
Release Date: May 18, 2018 TTV, iQiYi (every Friday at 11pm)
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The Ex-Man Taiwan drama Rainie Yang
The Ex-Man Taiwan drama Blue Lan
The Ex-Man Taiwan drama Johnny Lu
The Ex-Man Taiwan drama Sophia Li
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