Qin Junjie and Yang Zi’s adorable response to breakup rumors

Qin Jun Jie and Yang Zi not breaking up
Gossip can often get out of hand when not properly addressed especially when involving celebrities. Qin Junjie and Yang Zi who have been dating since 2016 are very sweet in the public eye, but even they have been the subject of breakup rumors as of late. The two have been quick to tamp down rumors through a simple comment on social media. 

Qin Jun Jie and Yang Zi still dating
On May 10, a netizen wrote on her weibo, “Qin Junjie and Yang Zi cannot breakup, they’re such a likeable pair.” This week both Qin Junjie and Yang Zi assured the concerned fan not to worry and that they won’t.  
Qin Jun Jie and Yang Zi still dating
Comment 1 (Qin Junjie): It won’t, don’t worry! 
Comment 2 (Original poster): Ah Ah Ah, thank you 
Comment 3 (Original poster): Response to @(commenter) Watch Battle of Chang Sha 
Comment 4 (Yang Zi): It won’t, don’t worry. 
Comment 5 (Original poster): Love you both too much, add oil, add oil!
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