Online views for recent premieres and finales this May

Ratings Summer
Three web dramas premiered one after the other last week. Without further ado, let’s take a look at each one. After it began airing on May 8, the 2018 remake of Summer’s Desire broke 100 million in three days and just hit 300 million this week. It stars Sophie Zhang, Qin Junjie and Huang Shengchi

Victoria Song Johnny Huang Moonshine and Valentine
Moonshine and Valentine Ratings Premiere
Moonshine and Valentine which premiered on May 9 easily had the strongest start as it broke 100 million within the first 12 hours and just hit 480 million views this week. It stars Victoria Song and Johnny Huang
The show has been receiving positive reviews to support its strong rating and has earned a 7.4 rating on Douban. For comparison’s sake, Summer’s Desire and Hero’s Dream have Douban ratings of 5.7 and 5.1 respectively. 
Hero’s Dream which premiered on May 10 also broke 100 million in three days and has yet to reveal the latest numbers. It stars Oho Ou and Karina Hai Ling
The Way We Were online ratings
The Way We Were is a primetime television drama with a simultaneous broadcast online. The show which premiered last Monday is racking up views fast, crossing 200 million in a day and hitting 400 million by its third episode. It stars Tiffany Tang Yan and Luo Jin
Oh My Emperor finale ratings
Similarly, there are a number of finales this month. Oh My Emperor which is a shorter drama has just ended its run and surpassed 1 billion. Season 2 begins next week! It stars Jason Koo and Zhao Lusi
I Won
I Won’t Be Bullied By Girls which is also a twenty-something episode drama drew in 1 billion by its series finale. It is headlined by popular idol Cai Xukun
Finale ratings Flying Tiger and Secret of the Three Kingdoms
Among the web dramas, Flying Tiger starring Hong Kong stars Michael Miu, Bosco Wong and Ron Ng and Secret of the Three Kingdoms which featured a large ensemble cast led by Ma Tianyu and Elvis Han would have drawn more attention for their well-known casts. Both just came to a close recently and have achieved 2.5 billion views each. 
The Great Adventurer Wesley Ratings
Update: Adding one drama that was overlooked since the very beginning. The Great Adventurer Wesley brings to life the classic Wisely series. It stars Shawn Yue as the titular protagonist and gathers a strong supporting cast comprised of established stars. Season 1, which premiered in April broke 100 million in 3 days. The series hit 300 million by Season 2 and 500 million by Season 3. All things considered, the numbers should have been better for this. 

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