“Legend of Ravaging Dynasties” Live-action drama is cloaked in mystery

L.O.R.D. Yin Chen Duke Seven
Yin Chen (Duke Seven)
With the sequel to the movie L.O.R.D. coming in July, not many know of an iQiYi drama based on the same Guo Jingming 郭敬明 novel that may also be due for a summer release, though it’s probably also owed to everything being very hush hush about the production. 

Live Action L.O.R.D. Legend of the Ravaging Dynasties
The drama adaptation of Legend of Ravaging Dynasties 爵迹临界天下 has completed four months of filming to wrap since August of last year. Posters and a teaser trailer have been released, neither of which reveal much about the identity of its ensemble of dukes and disciples. Joe Cheng (Partners), Zhang Mingen (Tientsin Mystic), Maggie Huang (In Youth), Ji Chen and Xiong Nai Jin (Legend of Chusen) are currently listed as the cast. 
My guess is that Joe Cheng is Duke Seven, Zhang Mingen is his disciple and Maggie Huang is Lian Quan aka the titular heroine popularized by Fan Bingbing. Zhang Mingen seems like a sure bet for Qi Ling and I could have sworn that the silver-haired guy in the trailer is Joe Cheng which leaves Maggie Huang. Given her streak for villainous roles, she could easily play Shen Yin which was portrayed by Yang Mi in the movie. 
L.O.R.D. Lian Quan Disciple Five
Lian Quan (Disciple Five)
L.O.R.D. You Min Duke Two
You Min (Duke Two)
L.O.R.D. Feng Hua Duke Five
Feng Hun (Duke Five)
L.O.R.D. Lei Ya Duke Four
Lei Ya (Duke Four)
L.O.R.D. Xi La Duke Three
Xi La (Duke Three)
L.O.R.D. Qi Lin Disciple Seven
Qi Ling (Disciple Seven)
L.O.R.D. Shen Yin Disciple Two
Shen Yin (Disciple Two)
L.O.R.D. Yang Jia
Yang Jia (Young Lad)
L.O.R.D. You Hua Disciple Six
You Hua (Disciple Six)
L.O.R.D. Ni Hong
Ni Hong (Disciple Four)
So curious to see everyone’s faces. 


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