“Legend of Ba Qing” to replace Gavin Gao’s face with Li Chen?

Legend of Ba Qing Li Chen Fan Bingbing
Either people really want to watch this that they’re making up stuff, or the production team is just that desperate to repair whatever damages caused by leading man Gavin Gao Yunxiang’s sudden arrest in Sydney. Shortly after it was reported that Win the World 赢天下 was unlikely to do a reshoot with Dylan Kuo as the lead, word on the street is that Fan Bingbing’s fiancee Li Chen may step in to save the day. 

Legend of Ba Qing Gavin Gao Fan Bingbing
I was under the impression that a reshoot would be too costly regardless of who the replacement is, but maybe there is that tiny possibility that this could be true, as absurd as it sounds. The latest rumors are saying that the show intends to film Li Chen’s scenes using a green screen and work the movie magic post-production to switch out Gavin Gao. There are even pictures allegedly taken from the filming location that are being passed around online (see pics). 
Talent Television Film has yet to respond though it’s worth noting that both Li Chen and Fan Bingbing worked together on The Empress of China which was also produced by the same company.  
Legend fo Ba Qing Win the World
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