The “CJ7” Kid is a Girl and She’s Gorgeous

Xu Jiao Ice Fantasy
There are many reasons to love period dramas, one of which has to be the costumes and I love seeing the style brought to today. For her 3000th weibo post, Xu Jiao brings her youthful modernity into traditional Chinese clothing as she wears a dainty hanfu (traditional clothing worn by the Han Chinese) in pink and pastels. The young actress who most recently starred in Beyond Light Years has played the schoolgirl many times, but did you know that she played a boy on her very first acting gig? 
Xu Jiao CJ7
She played Stephen Chow’s son in the 2008 blockbuster movie CJ7. I only realized now and I saw that movie too. 

Xu Jiao Ice Fantasy Hanfu
Beyond Light Years Xu Jiao Hanfu
Beyond Light Years Xu Jiao Hanfu
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