“Joy of Life” Is Another Drama from “Fighter of the Destiny” Author Mao Ni

Qing Yu Nian Zhang Ruo Yun
You may have seen these stills floating around as it’s been out for some time, and I can’t believe that I’m only discovering it now. Joy of Life aka Qing Yu Nian 庆余年 is an upcoming drama adaptation based on a novel by Mao Ni 猫腻.  Mao Ni also wrote Fighter of the Destiny which explains the similarity in having a main protagonist that is terminally ill
In the novel, the hero dies and gets reborn into the body of a toddler. He goes through the stages of growing up even though his mind is already mature. That definitely seems like it would be a first and quite audacious for a Chinese drama. 

Qing Yu Nian Li Qin
Since time travel and all that good stuff tend to face more restrictions, the drama’s plot simply mentions a mysterious young hero who is born an illegitimate son and begins training in martial arts and the use of poison. I really hope they keep the part about being reborn, it’s the most interesting part! 
The cast is led by Zhang Ruoyun (The Fated General), Li Qin (The Majesty of Wolf), Chen Daoming (City of Desire), Wu Gang (In the Name of People), Yu Rongguang (Battle Through the Heavens), Li Xiaoran (Unknown Number) and Song Yi (The Disguiser). 
Qing Yu Nian Chen Dao Ming
Qing Yu Nian Wu Gang


yu rongguang qing yu nian
li xiaoran qing yu nian
Qing Yu Nian Song Yiiii
Qing Yu Nian
Qing Yu Nian
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