Fan Bingbing mistaken for Li Bingbing when asked to sign autographs

Fan Bingbing Li Bingbing
Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has become a regular at the annual Cannes Film Festival. She even served as a juror last year. Her arrival at the airport quite expectedly drew a crowd as the actress was immediately surrounded by people asking for autographs. It seems like a year unlike any other but Chinese media are having a field day over an awkwardly amusing mistake caught on camera (see clip here).
One guy asking for an autograph shoved a picture of Li Bingbing for Fan Bingbing to sign. Both are A-list actresses from China who have forayed into Hollywood with their respective movies, but no, they are not the same person. When asked how she felt about the mistaken identities, Fan Bingbing said that she’s completely fine with it and that there was nothing uncomfortable about it. She has been friends with Li Bingbing for a long time and admits that the mixup happens often. She considers it a fortunate thing that both of them have gained recognition internationally.

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