Cast returns for “Legend of Ravaging Dynasties 2”

Cast returns for “Legend of Ravaging Dynasties 2”
Fan Bingbing Legend of Ravaging Dynasties 2
Legend of Ravaging Dynasties 爵迹 which is an animated movie adapted from a novel by Guo Jingming disappointed in the box office when it was released in 2016. It currently has a 3.9/10 in douban, which is kind of a failing score no matter how you look at it. 

Kris Wu Legend of Ravaging Dynasties 2
For a time, there were rumors that Guo Jingming who is the author, screenwriter and director wouldn’t be able to get the sequel made. However, it looks like everything is on track with the latest round of posters featuring Fan Bingbing (Win the World), Kris Wu (Europe Raiders), Cheney Chen (Rush to the Dead Summer) and William Chan (Only Side By Side With You) as their gloriously animated selves. 
Cheney Chen Legend of Ravaging Dynasties 2
New characters will be introduced alongside the original cast who will face even greater challenges. Contrary to most, I actually enjoyed the movie and found myself genuinely interested to know how the story unfolds. Thank goodness there is a sequel. Otherwise, it would have been too much of cop out had it not been continued. L.O.R.D. 2 is expected to air Summer 2018. 
William Chan Legend of Ravaging Dynasties 2
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