Fan Bing Bing Back in Hollywoo for Jessica Chastain’s All-Female Movie “The 355”

Fan Bing Bing
Freckled Film, Jessica Chastain‘s production company, announced that they will be producing an original spy thriller movie entitled The 355. It will be directed by writer/producer Simon Kinberg and Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing is among the star-studded female cast headlining the movie.   

The film will revolve around five international women spies who comes together as friends despite their conflict of interests to save the day. These spies will be played by American actress Jessica Chastain, French actress Marion Cotillard, Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing and Kenyan-Mexican actress Lupita Nyong’o.
Fan Bing Bing 355
This isn’t Fan Bingbing’s first Hollywood role if ever. She has been cast in a few minor roles already like a small cameo in Iron Man 3 (that was released only in China) and X-Men: Days of Future Past (as Clarice Ferguson or Blink).
We have seen some success in Hollywood for strong female lead roles like Wonder Woman, The Last Jedi and Emma Watson‘s Beauty and the Beast. We haven’t seen a spy thriller with an all female lead cast since Charlie’s Angels in 2000.  
It will be a refreshing change to see an all-female ensemble cast with multiple ethnicities leading a movie, aside from the upcoming Ocean’s Eight movie. I do hope this idea comes to fruition. There has been no official confirmation from Fan Bing Bing Studio, but it has been reported by a number of international media outlets.
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