Is Fan Chengcheng’s pay-per-click picture asking for too much?

Fan Cheng Cheng picture
Fan Chengcheng recently uploaded two pictures on weibo that has sparked some controversy. In the post, he sheepishly acknowledges causing fans to break the bank and you’ll see why. The first picture which is a solo pic of the young idol is a regular picture available to the public. However, the second one which shows him together with fellow Nine Percent member Zhu Zhengting requires fans to pay to view the picture. 

Fan Cheng Cheng picture
Fan Cheng Cheng pay to view picture
The comments section is generally filled with supportive fans, but it has also invited criticism for being a lavish expense. Rumors started spreading that the picture which cost 60 yuan to view has been purchased by 80,000 people and earned RMB 4.8 million overnight. 
Yuehua Entertainment and V+ finally issued a statement to defend Fan Chengcheng saying that the idea behind the picture wasn’t his decision alone, but a collaboration between the two companies. It is not true that Fan Chengcheng’s single photo made that much money overnight. Moreover, 60 yuan is not simply the cost of the picture, but includes many other services like exclusive photos, videos and other goodies for fans.
Yue Hua Entertainment Statement on Fan Chengcheng
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