Chinese Paladin 4 will be getting a drama adaptation

Chinese Paladin 4 will be getting a drama adaptation
Chinese Paladin 4
My father said, people can decide to live or die based on their own will, whether right or wrong, it’s an extraordinary thing.
                                                                                                                                                                              – Yun Tian He
Depending on when you started getting into the genre, you may have heard of Chinese Paladin and the subsequent Chinese Paladin 3 and Chinese Paladin 5. Its stars Crystal Liu, Hu Ge and Yang Mi are now household names and even Chinese Paladin 5 which was widely-panned was headlined by Elvis Han and Gulnezer Bextiyar who are rising stars in their own right.  

The franchise as a whole evokes a nostalgic euphoria especially with news that the story lives on. Chinese Paladin 4 仙剑奇侠传四 is a drama that will be adapted from the role-playing game of the same name. It is supposed to be a classic, the most beloved and most developed out of all the games, that tells a touching story at its core. There were speculations that the franchise skipped to the fifth one because Chinese Paladin 4 would require a substantial investment to do it justice and have to meet incredibly high expectations from its loyal fanbase. 

It seems that everything has been worked out now that it’s been revealed that New Culture, iQiYi and Sofstar will be producing the drama. The story revolves around Yun Tianhe as he embarks on a journey towards immortal cultivation.

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