Fan Shi Qi Headlines China’s First Table Tennis Drama

Chinese drama Table Tennis Fan Shi Qi
We will soon see a new drama, Chasing Ball 追球, revolving around a sport that we all know the Chinese excel at – Table Tennis. 

Chinese drama Table Tennis Fan Shi Qi
Fan Shi Qi (Where The Lost Ones Go) will be headlining the drama as Qi Jinghao and he has been training quite hard for the role. He even joked on his Weibo post that the table tennis paddle has become his wife. 
China Table Tennis drama Bo Guan Jin
It also stars Bu Guan Jin (Suddenly This Summer), Li Yitong (Stairway to Stardom), Huang Shengchi (Summer’s Desire 2018), Zhu Yuanbing (Die Now), Li Wenhan (Basketball Fever), Lu Yangyang (I Won’t Be Bullied By Girls), Hong Xiao and Li Xikan. This is being directed by Su Haoqi and tells the story of how our hero, Qi Jinghao, encounters Yan Xiaoxi.  Since her foster father is a table tennis guru, she was good enough to catch Qi Jinghao’s eyes who extends an invite for her to join their college club, Tengyuan College Table Tennis Club.
It’s nice that the drama is incorporating table tennis into the show. I can’t recall a drama that features the sport which is a shame because the Chinese table tennis athletes are quite outstanding in action. 
I can only imagine how Fan Shi Qi and Bu Guan Jin are training for this. Kudos to them for the dedication and effort when it would be so easy to just fake the skill with CGI or some after effects.
China Table Tennis drama Li Yi Tong
China Table Tennis drama Huang Sheng Chi
China Table Tennis drama Zhu Yuan Bing
China Table Tennis drama Zhui Qiu
China Table Tennis drama Zhui Qiu
China Table Tennis drama Zhui Qiu
China Table Tennis drama Zhui Qiu

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