“Candle in the Tomb 3” confirms Pan Yueming, Vengo Gao and Xin Zhilei

Candle in the Tomb 3: The Wrath of Time
Candle in the Tomb: The Wrath of Time 鬼吹灯之怒晴湘西 which started filming inconspicuously two months ago finally confirms its main trio. Compared to the rumors which initially had Wu Chun attached to the project, I really have no complaints towards having Vengo Gao in the cast instead. Besides, getting two out of three castings right is not half bad at all. 

Candle in the Tomb 3 Pan Yueming
Seeing as everyone seems determined to make a drama out of Tianxia Bachang’s 天下霸唱 Ghost Blows Out The Light novels each year, a quick tally brings us to 9 books in total (which includes Finding Hu Ba Yi that was made into a drama by iQiYi). Tencent is onto season 3 of its drama adaptations which must mean that they’re doing something right. 
Candle in the Tomb 3 Vengo Gao
The new adventures brings Hu Bayi face to face with an older Chen Yulou who recalls his grave-robbing days and focuses on that story. It is led by Pan Yueming (Day & Night), Vengo Gao (Legend of Fuyao) and Xin Zhilei (Mr. Right).  
Candle in the Tomb 3 Xin Zhilei
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