Barbie Hsu Loses Baby After Being Forced to End Her Pregnancy

Barbie Hsu loses baby
We recently posted news about Barbie Hsu‘s third pregnancy which caused her to faint late March.  She was initially hesitant to share the news as it was still too early and she wanted to wait until she was past the first trimester (a common Chinese superstition). 

She recently took to Weibo to announce that they have lost the baby.  In the statement, it was explained that doctors noticed that the embryo was not developing at a normal pace and must be closely monitored.
Barbie Hsu loses baby
The document further shared that the couple continuously prayed day and night hoping for a miracle. Unfortunately, the doctors discovered yesterday that no heartbeat was detected and the fetus stopped developing. The couple proceeded with the doctor’s advise and terminated the pregnancy
The document ends saying Barbie Hsu has come to accept this and knows that everybody is concerned and wishes her and her family well. She wishes to ease the public and her friends’ worry about her health with this statement. She also stresses that while the time she had with this baby was short, she was able to experience a lot.  She knows the importance of cherishing family and the warmth it brings. For her, it brings happiness.
I feel bad for her. I don’t know how she feels right now but I am glad she’s recovering. Giving you a hug Barbie! Get well soon!
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