Zhang Han and Janine Chang’s “Here to Heart” delays premiere by one day

Here to Heart Chinese romance drama premiere Apr 30
So here’s a classic example why c-drama premieres are so unreliable. Here to Heart 温暖的弦 which was scheduled to premiere on April 29, 2018 has just announced a change in date to April 30, 2018. It will air as a daily drama on Hunan TV and on streaming websites Tencent, Youku and Mango TV (episodes to be released at 24:00). 

Here to Heart c-drama Presscon
Here to Heart c-drama Presscon
It’s literally been only a couple days since the cast attended an elaborate press conference (just to announce a date that wasn’t even final, if I might add). Nevertheless, it certainly seems to be one of the more well-marketed shows from the sheer amount of promos leading up to today. 
Zhang Han (Braveness of the Ming) and Janine Chang (Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon) who play the main couple are even featured in the Spring Summer Issue of Cosmo Bride. With all the groundwork done, it’s going to be up to the drama to prove its worth. It airs in five days. 
Here to Heart Janine Chang Zhang Han
Here to Heart Janine Chang
Here to Heart Zhang Han
Here to Heart Janine Chang Zhang Han
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