Yang Yang subjected to cyberbullying because of The King’s Avatar

Yang Yang cyberbullying The King
Yang Yang has been confirmed as the leading man for The King’s Avatar 全职高手 for nearly a year now. Yesterday was Qingming Festival, aka Tomb Sweeping Day, and there were people who took the opportunity to burn spirit money along with Yang Yang’s posters, which is an action typically done to honor the dead (see pics here).  
Yang Yang Ye Xiu The King
The instigator is reportedly a book fan who is unhappy with Yang Yang’s casting as Ye Xiu, the main protagonist of Butterfly Blue’s 蝴蝶蓝 novel and the subsequent animated series. Never mind that there are people who object to the casting because that’s fine, it’s hardly possible to please everybody, but this is messed up and simply maddening. 
Yang Yang cyberbullying The King
The King’s Avatar has released a statement to express their anger towards the incident and that they are working with Yang Yang’s management company to take legal action.  They defended Yang Yang as well, explaining that ever since the actor has joined the production, he has been extremely professional and dedicated. Filming has partially begun in Shanghai and Yang Yang has won the approval of the cast and crew.
His manager Jia Shi Kai also spoke up to cuss out the people who did it, saying that he couldn’t keep silent anymore.
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