Xie Na First to Reach 100 Million Weibo Followers!

Xie Na First to Reach 100 Million Weibo Fan!
Chinese actress, singer and host, Xie Na is the first user to reach 100 million fans on Weibo on Saturday, April 7, 2018. The actress released a long, nostalgic and appreciative post to her fans for following in her journey through her Weibo page from her first post on September 2, 2009 until now. 

Kudos to her! It’s not easy to get 100 million fans. If you try to Google which western artist is the most followed, you’ll get Katy Perry at only 94.5 million. It’s still 5.5 million followers shy of 100 million. It’s also more than the population of some countries! 
Xie Na First to Reach 100 Million Weibo Fan
Xie Na 100 million fans weibo
As of writing time, Xie Na already has 100,533,104 fans on Weibo!
Xie Na who is best known as a host of Happy Camp 快乐大本营 hasn’t even been appearing on the show due to giving birth, which goes to show just how influential she is. Other hosts like Li Wei Jia, Du Hai Tao and Wu Xin all have fans in the millions (around 30m). He Jiong who is the show’s main host also grows close to 100 million with 92,530,336 fans. 
Happy Camp Poster
It’s amazing to see the reach of the popular Chinese variety show which seems even higher than popular celebrities. We learned that Yang Mi had the most followers in Jaywalk Studio with 80 million Weibo fansAngelababy has 86 million Weibo fans. Actor and Keep Running main host Deng Chao has 66 million Weibo fans. Fan Bing Bing has 62 million Weibo fans.
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