Wu Chun marries the guy who’s loved him for twelve years… Calvin Chen

Fahrenheit Wu Chun Calvin Chen married
Wu Chun posted a photo where he’s holding hands with a very unwilling Calvin Chen as they both stand at the center of a flowery backdrop fit for a bride and groom. He writes, “He has loved me since our Fahrenheit days… It has been twelve years, I’m reluctantly taking him as my second wife.”

Fahrenheit Wu Chun Calvin Chen married
Wu Chun Calvin Chen married
A fan quickly photoshopped a wedding dress for Calvin Chen and the picture is complete. The two were members of the now-defunct Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit comprised of Jiro Wang, Aaron Yan, Calvin Chen and Wu ChunOf course, Wu Chun is happily married with a kid, and it’s all a joke, even if he posted it a day earlier than April 1st. 
Happy April Fool’s Day!
Fahrenheit Taiwan boyband
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