Upcoming Chinese and Korean Dramas May 2018

Summer’s Desire (May 8 Zhejiang TV, iQiYi)
A story revolving around the complicated entanglements between three main characters and the heart-wrenching romance that ensues. Starring Qin Junjie, Sophie Zhang and Huang Shengchi. 
Wok of Love (May 7 SBS)
A story that takes place in a small Chinese restaurant between a former star chef, a former gangster and a woman who loves eating with a passion. Starring Lee Junho, Jang Hyuk and Jung Ryeo Won.
An office romance between an accomplished CEO afflicted with a disease where he cannot remember faces and a woman who has uncannily perfect memory. Starring Suho and Ha Yeon Soo.  

The Love Knot Your Excellency
A story revolving around a news intern who crosses paths with the mysterious descendant of the fox tribe and falls into a romance that transcends lifetimes. Starring Victoria Song and Johnny Huang.
Hero’s Dream (May 10 Youku)
A clashing of historical events and science fiction take place towards the end of the Qin Dynasty and the beginning of Han and revolves around historical figures like Qin Shi Huang, Liu Bang, Han Xin, Zhang Liang and Xiang Yu. Starring Oho Ou and Karina Hai Ling. 
Lawless Lawyer (May 12 tvN)
A former gangster turned lawyer uses both his fists and the letter of the law to exact justice to those that deserve it. Starring Lee Joon Gi and Seo Ye Ji. 
Secret Mother (May 12 SBS)
A story about a former psychiatrist turned housewife who hires a private tutor for her son, completely oblivious to the person’s hidden agenda. Starring Song Yoon Ah and Kim So Yeon. 
The Way We Were
The Way We Were (May 14 Beijing TV, Dragon TV, Youku)
A new generation of Chinese students studying abroad – they are the second generation officials, rich and politicians brought together by their families and ideals. Starring Tang Yan and Luo Jin. 
Come and Hug Me (May 16 MBC)
A twisted love story between two people haunted by a past that is tied to a murder case. Starring Jang Ki Yong, Jin Ki Joo and Heo Joon Ho. 
The Ex Man (May 18 TTV, GTV, iQiYi)
A story revolving around a 31-year-old woman who suddenly meets her first love at a time when everything in her life seems to be going well. Starring Rainie Yang and Blue Lan. 
Beyond the Realm of Conscience 2 (May 21 TVB, Tencent)
The King is involved with three women – a commoner who becomes a princess, the queen and another woman.. Steven Ma, Annie Liu, Nancy Wu and Alice Chan.
The Taoism Grandmaster Tong Mengshi May 21
The Taoism Grandmaster (May 21 iQiYi)
A story from three thousand years ago that revolves around god of war Yang Jian who foretells a tragedy that will destroy the human realm and the one person that can save it. Starring Tong Mengshi. 
A legal drama centering around judge Im Ba Reun, an elite judge who strictly follows what he believes is right, and a rookie judge, Park Cha Oh Reum, who the principle of “an eye for an eye.”
Miss Hammurabi (May 21 JTBC)
A rookie judge who believes in an eye for an eye tackle cases using the letter of the law. Starring Go Ara, L and Sung Dong Il.
About Time Korean Drama
About Time (May 21 tvN)
A fantasy romance that follows a musical actress with an extraordinary ability to see other people’s life span and falls in love with the man who can stop her own time. Starring Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Sung Kyung.
The Undateables (May 23 SBS)
A love expert who doesn’t believe in love that meets a hapless romantic who gives up on finding love after many failed relationships. Starring Nam Goong Min, Hwang Jung Eum.
The Trading Floor Andy Lau production
The Trading Floor  (May 24 Tencent)
A story that follows a team of experts engaged in a war of money in the Hong Kong financial market. Starring Francis Ng and Joseph Chang.  
Sketch (May 25 JTCB)
A crime thriller revolving around a woman who can sketch three days into the future and a man seeking revenge. Starring Rain, Lee Dong Gun and Lee Sun Bin.
Love Won
Love Won’t Wait (May 27 Hunan TV) 
A story revolving around three women dealing with different problems and an unconventional reversal as the wife gets back at her husband and finds romance with an eligible bachelor. Starring Cecilia Cheung, Vanness Wu and Bie Thassapak Hsu.
Heroes of the North (May 30 JSTV)
A story that takes place in the Northern Kingdom and follows a young woman who earns the namesake Snow Queen due to her fierceness in battle. Starring Dylan Kuo, Re Yi Zha and Kimi Qiao. 
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