Three Couple Pairings for “Half a Lifelong Romance”

Ban Sheng Yuan Joe Cheng, Jiang Xin
Half a Lifelong Romance 半生缘 was a movie in 1997 (Eighteen Springs) that stars the late Anita Mui and Leon Lai and it was later turned into a TV drama in 2003 (Affair of Half a Lifetime) which stars Ruby Lin and Patrick Tam. The most recent adaptation stars Jiang Xin and Joe Cheng and it introduces the three main pairings who get together for their own reasons, not necessary out of love.

Ban Sheng Yuan Carina Lau Guo Xiaodong
I absolutely adore the styling in the photos especially Hong Kong film actress Carina Lau! She’s so chic, classy and very bourgeois. You wouldn’t know her character grew up barely making ends meet. 
I usually hate watching period dramas because everything looks so dated but the clothes, accessories and set designs stays true to the time period without looking outdated. It’s something that you can get away wearing even in this decade. 
Ban Sheng Yuan Zou Tingwei, Dong Yue
There’s no English title yet for this drama. It stars Carina Lau (Asura), Joe Cheng (Legend of the Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors), Jiang Xin (Blind Date), Guo Xiaodong (Kung Fu Mother-in-Law), Zou Ting Wei (Siege in Fog) and Dong Yue (Tong Tian Detective Dee). 
Ban Sheng Yuan Carina Lau
Ban Sheng Yuan Jiang Xin
Ban Sheng Yuan Joe Cheng
Ban Sheng Yuan Guo Xiaodong
Ban Sheng Yuan Zou Ting Wei
Ban Sheng Yuan Dong Yue
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