Neo Hou and Cheng Yi Star in “The Lost Tomb 2”

The Lost Tomb 2 announces Neo Hou, Cheng Yi
After years of waiting, I’ve started to ignore rumors surrounding The Lost Tomb 盗墓笔记第二季 sequel, but it’s for real this time as the drama finds its leads in Neo Hou Minghao (The Monkey King 3) and Cheng Yi (The Legend of Chusen). So it’s not the dream team that people were expecting since neither Li Yi Feng nor Yang Yang return to reprise their roles. It also looks like Qin Jun Jie who was initially thought to be a main character has passed from the drama altogether. 

The Lost Tomb 2 Neo Hou Minghao
The Lost Tomb 2 Cheng Yi
I usually advocate the return of the original cast, but I’m quite happy with the new ensemble. Neo Hou who plays Wu Xie seriously reminds me of a younger Li Yi Feng. Cheng Yi plays Zhang Qiling and although he doesn’t look like Yang Yang to me, I had to take a second glance when I thought that it was Yang Yang in the pic (it isn’t, right?)!
The Lost Tomb sequel begins filming
The show has dropped opening ceremony pictures today and unveiled more names to include Li Man, Zhang Bo Yu, Yao Lu, Jin Shi Jie and Shu Yao Xuan. I don’t understand why there are already stills, maybe they started filming much earlier.
The Lost Tomb 2 Poster
The Lost Tomb 2 Li Man
The Lost Tomb 2
The Lost Tomb 2
The Lost Tomb 2
The Lost Tomb 2
The Lost Tomb 2
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