“The Legend of Jade Sword” suddenly announces premiere in four days

The Legend of Jade Sword premiere April 30
There was a time when the airwaves seemed to be constantly overloaded by fantasy action. I didn’t notice that things changed but a quick survey of the current dramas would prove otherwise. That being said, fantasy buffs can look forward to The Legend of Jade Sword 莽荒纪 which premieres on April 30, 2018. The show will air every Monday to Wednesday at 10pm on Anhui TV, iQiYi and Tencent. 
From the looks of it, it’s a genuinely high fantasy affair complete with rock giants, fire-breathers and flying serpents. I am quite impressed with how realistic the special effects are, which is a cut above the tacky visuals from your average c-drama. It stars Hawick Lau, Wang Ou, Chen Yufei, Zhang Junning, Niu Junfeng, Lee Wei, Zhao Yuxi, Chen Mengyao and Huang Zheng

The Legend of Jade Sword special effects Hawick Lau, Angel Ou
The Legend of Jade Sword special effects
The Legend of Jade Sword special effects

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