Sun Yi unfollows hubby Dong Zi Jian after a prank he pulled on weibo

Sun Yi and hubby Dong Zi Jian
Okay, this is the last of the belated coverage on the April Fool’s Day jokes, but it was kind of cute to see a happy Sun Yi in contrast with the doom and gloom characters that she has been playing in dramaland. 

Sun Yi and hubby Dong Zi Jian
On April 1, Dong Zi Jian posted a picture of his wife captioned, “Long-legged, slender and fair, so what? Should we compare nostrils?” Sun Yi responds with a curt, “You’re done (dead).” Her hubby denies uploading the picture and claims that it was all an accident. 
The next day, Dong Zi Jian asked the public for help because his wife has unfollowed him on weibo. 
Sun Yi and hubby Dong Zi Jian
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