Victoria Song’s Manager Hints at Discord Over “Moonshine and Valentine”?

Victoria Song Huang Jingyu The Love Knot discord rumors
Jia Shikai who manages artists like Victoria Song and Yang Yang has taken to weibo to express some very strong feelings towards an unnamed individual. Netizens deduce that he was likely referring to a show that will premiere soon, which leaves us with Moonshine and Valentine 结爱·千岁大人的初 starring Victoria Song and Johnny Huang Jingyu.

Victoria Song Huang Jingyu The Love Knot discord rumors
This isn’t the first time Jia Shikai stood up for one of his talents as he was previously outraged by anti-fans who burned Yang Yang’s pictures on Qingming Day. Now, netizens are assuming that Jia Shikai is defending Victoria Song.
Apparently, it was reported last year that Victoria Song and Huang Jingyu will be teaming up for a project but rumor has it that another actress was initially chosen and was already preparing for the role even before the drama was conceptualized. Victoria Song coming in as a replacement did not bode well with fans of Huang Jingyu who have taken their displeasure online on a large scale and at a personal level.
Victoria Song Huang Jingyu The Love Knot
Victoria Song Huang Jingyu The Love Knot
Victoria Song and Huang Jingyu have remained silent but Jia Shikai could not help but react through Weibo. There are also those who think that everything is simply Jia Shikai’s ploy to bring publicity to the drama. If it’s true, well, it worked and he wouldn’t be the first or the last manager to do this. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that he’s really protecting Victoria Song from her detractors.
In the end, success and failure would still be up to the lead characters because no matter how much publicity a drama gets, if the story and acting is mediocre or lacking, people will lose interest right away. 
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