Rainie Yang: The Great Unwashed Jeans

Rainie Yang doesn

I just saw the latest news on Rainie Yang from a Right On event, and the world found out that she can go 5-6 years without washing her jeans. Netizens from all over have been giving her flak about it so much that she posted a statement on her Facebook account seen below.

Rainie Yang doesn
I am with her on this. It doesn’t mean anything more than she doesn’t wash her jeans. It’s just how she wants it. It’s how she is. My husband also never washes his jeans and that’s his thing. I have come to accept it as it is. He just likes his jeans that way and says that washing it changes the way the jeans fit him that’s why he never washes it.
Rainie Yang doesn
Whatever Rainie‘s reason for not washing her jeans is her own business and nobody else’s. Let us respect it and leave it at that.
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