Popular web drama “With You” gets a second broadcast on television

With You iQiYi web drama
School romance may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I have been hearing very good things about With You and the subsequent My Huckleberry Friends, which were produced by the same company. After its initial release as an iQiYi web drama in 2016, With You is getting a television broadcast as it takes over the time slot of Legend of Zu 2 (I did not even notice that show ended!). 

With You iQiYi web drama Liu Hao Ran
Although the synopsis reads like an ordinary coming-of-age story to me, I’m inclined to check this out because of the word of mouth and generally warm reception towards this unassuming drama. It stars Liu Hao Ran who is quite aptly playing a school kid since he was seventeen at the time of filming. Leading lady Tan Song Yun is seven years older than him. Age gap or not, I think the whole gang looks cute together. 
With You iQiYi web drama Tan Songyun
With You will air two episodes every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10pm on Zhejiang TV. It premieres tonight, April 10, 2018. For once, there’s no need to wait. Since it’s an older drama, it should already be available online (with subs). 
With You iQiYi web drama


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