Penny Dai Sings Her Song for Meteor Garden (2018)

Penny Dai sings Meteor Garden 2018
Being fans of the drama, we have been following the Meteor Garden reboot 流星花园 with Shen Yue and Dylan Wang since the announcement was made, and the good stuff has been nonstop. We heard that Wang Lee Hom was going to sing for the drama. 

The original opening song Qing Fei De Yi 情非得已 which was sang by Harlem Yu, became somewhat of an anthem as radio stations would often play it. Harlem Yu will be making a cameo along with Barbie Hsu’s younger sister Dee Hsu who will play Dao Ming Feng.
Penny Dai sings Ni Yao De Ai Meteor Garden 2018
What’s more is that Penny Dai was tapped to sing The Love You Want 你要的爱 for Meteor Garden (2018). It was the original ending song and part of the soundtrack from 2001. To be honest, I love it more than Qing Fei De Yi which is a bit overused and overplayed.
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