“Peace in Palace, Peace in Chang An” previews brothers turned enemies in new trailer

Wei Zheng: In the Li Family backyard, there will no longer be peace.
Peace in Palace, Peace in Chang An 天下长安 has been ramping up activity as it held a press conference and dropped two trailers within the past week. One reveals a rather conventional historical drama while one highlights the complicated character relationships. It’s so easy to fade into the background as just another drama, but the second trailer drew me in. Zhang Hanyu is the wise official who keenly observes a tragedy in the making. 

Du Yan: This war, we can only win and we cannot lose.
The 2nd Brother adorably jumps up to hug Big Bro, and I’m already shipping the bromance as I love both actors, played by Qin Jun Jie and Han Dong respectively.  
4th Brother: Kill the 1st Brother and the 2nd Brother.
Yet this happens between the siblings. Poison and splattered blood. I hate where this is going. 
King: I don’t care what you do, but you cannot endanger each other’s lives.
The brothers walk their own paths. 
2nd Brother: Then I will do as they wish and fight for it.
Honestly, the show reminds me of the Yi Family in Siege in Fog except the infighting moves from the Republican Era back in time to the imperial family. The King narrates, “The warmth and loving nature of familial connections are the norm in every family but in the Li Family, such relationships are difficult to attain.” 

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