Li Xian shares his chubby past through a before and after photo

Li Xian
Li Xian is currently playing the second lead in Only Side By Side With You. I don’t know much about it beyond what I saw in the first episode, but it’s certainly a drama that is full of testosterone especially with the combined sexiness of William Chan and Li Xian

Li Xian Only Side By Side With You
Li Xian abs and childhood chubby pics
As it turns out, Li Xian’s perfectly sculpted abs were not always so. The actor exposed his own chubby childhood photo on social media. Jokingly, he dared Chang Jian Xiong (his character in the drama) to look at his past. Li Xian comments that he doesn’t dare look back. I leave you with another pic of the abs from his breakout role in Tientsin Mystic.
Li Xian abs Tientsin Mystic
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