Li Chen, Wang Qianyuan and Ora Yang play Chinese-Americans in Seven Days

Li Chen, Wang Qianyuan and Ora Yang play Chinese-Americans in Seven Days
After a casting call in January, the upcoming drama Seven Days 七日生 has secured its cast who will mostly be playing Chinese-Americans characters, which seems to be a rising trend after Li Yi Feng’s In New York and some others. I have yet to see a drama pull that off convincingly as the leading roles seem to be going to native Chinese speakers. Joining Li Chen (Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon), Wang Qian Yuan (Winner) and Ora Yang (Youth) are a cast of new faces and veteran actors.

The brief descriptions reveal life and death situations – a high-speed chase and a killing spree that lasts seven days and seven nights. It definitely sounds intense and seems a lot more interesting than most dramas nowadays. Filming is expected to begin in May 2018, and it will be taking place in the US. 

Li Chen as Li Xia Yu, 28 years old

Wang Qian Yuan as Qiu Yong Bang, 32 years old

Ora Yang Caiyu as Jian Ni, 26 years old (a doctor)

Shi Chun Zi (Seki Jun Ko) as Wen Wen, 24 years old (Li Xiao Yu’s girlfriend and a model)

Wang Bozhao as Hong Yin He, 51 years old (Jian Ni’s Dad and a successful businessman)

Heidi Wong as Su Li
Wei Wanqiu as Ma Xiao Miao, 20 years old

Chen Yi Xiong as Zhang Feng

Elena Tong Yixuan as Ruo Tong, 26 years old (pregnant woman trying to get a green card)

Li Xiao Jiao as Pei Pei, 30 years old (Hong Yin He’s new wife)
Wang Xiaolong as Ma Zong, 45 years old (Ma Xiao Miao’s Dad)

Chen Duo Yi as Xiao Jia Nian, 12 years old

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