Leon Lai is a New Dad at 51

Leon Lai New Dad
If you are an 80s baby like myself, famous Cantopop actor and singer Leon Lai was a household name along with fellow Cantopop actors and singers like Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok and of course, Jacky Cheung. There’s no shortage of controversy amongst the Four Heavenly Kings but it’s was still truly a surprise to hear that Leon Lai got his assistant, Ah Wing, pregnant.
So the couple were not yet due to expect their bundle of joy until late May of this year but Ah Wing unexpectedly delivered their daughter last Monday, April 23, 2018. The baby and the mother are reportedly safe and happy so it’s all well and good.
Leon Lai who’s 51 is the last of the Heavenly Kings to welcome a daughter with Aaron Kwok’s wife, Moka, delivering their daughter around six months ago. It’s nice to hear that they are all starting to settle down and discover the joys of parenthood.
I am sure he will be doting father to his little princess. Come to think of it, all four heavenly kings have daughters. Andy Lau has one daughter and Jacky Cheung as two. 
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