“Flying Tiger” gets 100 million views in 1 hour

“Flying Tiger” gets 100 million views in 1 hour
Flying Tiger premiere Apr 6 ratings
Considering how they start and end at different times, web dramas tend to follow their own pace but there’s no denying that Flying Tiger hitting 100 million views within the first hour is quite an impressive start. I feel like the hype has to come from its veteran cast that has come together to make what could be another classic Hong Kong cop drama. Nostalgia can only last so long, so I’d be curious see how the show holds up in the coming weeks. 
Ron Ng who is one of the leading men along with Michael Miu and Bosco Wong says that there may be hope for a sequel with everyone’s continued support. Meanwhile, here’s a look at how the other web dramas are doing.

The Legend of Dugu Chinese web drama online viewership
The Legend of Dugu hits 4 billion views. It’s been almost two months since its premiere and even though it hasn’t accumulated enough to unseat The Flame’s Daughter, which premiered later and ended earlier with 5 billion views, it’s a considerable effort nonetheless.
Siege in Fog Chinese web drama online viewership
Siege in Fog hits 2 billion views a little over a month since its premiere. 
Secret of the Three Kingdoms Chinese web drama online viewership
Secret of the Three Kingdoms, which premiered late March rises fast to hit the 1 billion mark as of this week. 
Tree in the River Chinese web drama online viewership
Tree in the River also premiered late March and it has reached 100 million views as of this week. 
Only Side By Side With You online views
The next three on the list are dramas that air on tv and online. Online views seem to trend higher for such shows in general. Only Side By Side With You easily reaches 3 billion views when it also premiered in late March. 
Long Time No See online views
Long Time No See settles for half of that with 1.5 billion views. It seems to make up for the lower online views by outperforming the rest of the primetime shows on tv. It has been ranking in 1st according to CSM52 / CSM35 Cities ratings. 
The Great Expectations online views
The Great Expectations which just premiered on April 1 also pulls in decent numbers with 1 billion views as of this week. 


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