First stills of “The Eternal Love 2” starring Xing Zhaolin and Liang Jie

The Eternal Love 2 Xing Zhaolin
The Eternal Love 2 双世宠妃 2 is the sequel to The Eternal Love which aired last July 2017. If you have seen the prequel, you’d know that it’s a mix of comedy, romance and time travel headlined by Xing Zhaolin and Liang Jie as the main characters. The first batch of drama stills are out, and it’s definitely reminiscent of the original that saw the cast in the ancient times. 
There is no hint of anyone wearing modern clothes here, so it looks like the story is going to stay in ancient times. The story is supposed to pick up where it left from from the first installment with a few additional new characters though it’s not clear how the transition will work given the timeline of the original ending. It also stars Wang Rui Chang, Zhong Qi Tiffany, Wang Hao Ge, Sun Yining AmyChen Yuwei, Hao Chunyong and Liao Hui Jia

The Eternal Love 2 Liang Jie
The Eternal Love 2 Wang Rui Chang
The Eternal Love 2 Tiffany Zhong Qi
The Eternal Love 2
The Eternal Love 2 Sun Yining Amy
The Eternal Love 2
The Eternal Love 2 Hu Chunyong
The Eternal Love 2
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