Yang Mi Donation scandal escalates into lawsuit

Hawick Lau supports Yang Mi on donation scandal
Recent reports have shed light on a donation two years ago that Yang Mi promised but never delivered. Yang Mi’s side has previously explained how they were unaware of the situation as they had gone through a middleman, but apologized nonetheless for the trouble caused. 

Things have escalated since then now that the middleman, named Li Meng, gave an exclusive interview with ENT163 where he said that he was filing a case against Jaywalk Studio for infringing his rights and making him out to be the fall guy. It seems to be becoming a messy and costly form of finger pointing as both sides tell their own versions of the story. 
I gave up trying to to read through everything, but Li Meng basically refuted Yang Mi Studio’s claim by saying that he never suggested making any donation during promotions for Yang Mi’s movie The Witness (it was the school that forced them into it). He also never became unreachable like Jaywalk Studio implied. Li Meng went further to talk about Yang Mi interacting with blind people while preparing for the role, and while that was true, he claims that she met them a day before filming started and probably for two hours max. 
Statement on Yang Mi false donation
On April 12, Yang Mi Studio calls Li Meng out for lying and defaming their studio and their artist. Their lawyers released a statement to ENT163 who they claim broadcasted the interview with false facts and to Li Meng himself to inform that evidence is being collected in preparation to file a case. Yang Mi Studio goes further by saying that they have prioritized the donation to the kids at first instance. Now that it’s been delivered, they are sharing a very detailed explanation of how things went down.
You can see Li Meng’s video here and Yang Mi Studio’s explanation here.
Earlier that day, Yang Mi’s husband Hawick Lau posted on social media in support of his wife. He says, “Xiao Mi (Yang Mi), colleagues at work, each of us wish to help those who need help, mistakes should be corrected, lessons need to be learned, but hope that everyone can understand the truth and not let their kindness be used.” 
Hawick Lau supports Yang Mi on donation scandal
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