Crushing on Daisy Dai Si’s Super Cute New Hairdo!

Daisy Dai Si long hair
Daisy Dai Si recently chopped off her long locks and wow, she looks really cute in her new hairdo! You might remember her as Yan Zhi in last year’s popular drama series, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom. She was the Ghost Tribe’s princess and Li Jing’s half sister.  

Daisy Dai Si Eternal Love
I can’t remember a time when i have seen Daisy with short hair so I was pleasantly surprised! I could never pull off short hair because I find that it’s harder to style but Daisy makes it looks so effortless!!! It frames her delicate face perfectly and she looks younger than when she had long hair.
Bonus Fact: If you love Daisy like I do, you’ll be happy to know that she’s going to be in another series soon with Leon Zhang  and Qiao Xin and it’s titled, In Youth. I read the synopsis and it sounds pretty interesting. Good to see her in a modern drama after starring in consecutive costume dramas in recent years. Are you excited for this? I know I am!
Daisy Dai Si short hair
Daisy Dai Si short hair
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