Zhang Yuxi’s beauty runs in the family!

Zhang Yuxi beauty runs in the family
I Cannot Hug You actress, Zhang Yuxi, shared a pic on her personal Weibo profile that made us realize some people are just born to be in the limelight. The Chinese actress and model shared a picture with her parents, where she proudly said:

 “My little princess and little prince ~ let me love you forever”Zhang Yuxi beauty runs in the family

Looking closely at Yuxi’s mom… she’s so pretty too! This is embarrassing but for a second, I didn’t know which of them was Yuxi (only for a second!).
Zhang Yuxi beauty runs in the family


Here is Yuxi’s dad.
Zhang Yuxi and her family
It’s adorable that she would share pics of her parents and address them so dearly though any fan of hers would know that she is My Little Princess herself. Zhang Yuxi recently appeared in I Cannot Hug You Season 2. She will also appear as a supporting character in the upcoming Chinese drama, Please Give Me a Pair of Wings.

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