Zhang Jike confirms dating status with Jing Tian through a simple weibo

Zhang Ji Ke, Jing Tian dating
Earlier this morning on March 28 Asia time, Zhang Jike uploaded a photo of himself and Jing Tian walking on the beach captioned,”K.”  The actress responds with, “T.  K and T stand for their initials and the sweet display of affection on weibo confirms the rumors that have been plaguing the two considering that the paparazzi has been on their trail for a while. 

Zhang Ji Ke, Jing Tian dating
Zhang Ji Ke, Jing Tian dating
If, like me, you are embarrassingly clueless about sports, Zhang Jike is a world renowned table tennis player. On New Year’s Day a few months ago, he talked about the year being different because he believes that there are some special people who will always be there. Aha, he meant her? The new couple are the same age, both born in1988. 
Zhang Ji Ke, Jing Tian dating
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