Yang Mi breaks silence on the fake donation issue and apologizes to the kids

Yang Mi breaks silence on fake donation scandal
It’s been more than a week since the fake donation scandal surrounding Yang Mi came out of nowhere. It was first reported on a news site, which brought up an incident back in 2015 when Yang Mi agreed to donate 100 walking sticks and 50 Braille writing machines to a school in Chengdu. The donation never arrived.

Yang Mi Studio statement on fake donation scandal
Yang Mi Studio quickly issued a statement to clarify that they were unaware that the no donation was made as they went through a middle man named Li Meng whom they also worked with in 2013 to make similar charitable donations that went off without a hitch. 
The studio further explained that they collaborated with Li Meng again in 2015 when Yang Mi was preparing for her movie The Witness. She plays a blind woman and he offered to help arrange for her to interact with people who are visually-impaired. 
When the movie was about to premiere, he contacted them again about an opportunity to participate in a particular movement dedicated to helping the blind. He later suggested to make a donation under Yang Mi’s name while promoting the movie as it will help increase awareness. Yang Mi’s side readily agreed, but they are unaware that the donation was never completed. 
Yang Mi breaks silence on fake donation scandal
On Mar 31, Yang Mi finally breaks her silence as she writes, “After hearing about this, I was extremely shocked and sad, have kept silent because I felt that I didn’t have the right. No matter the reason, letting the children wait for two years is a mistake on the part of my team and I. Any criticism is warranted and we can only complete the donation to express our apology. These days, we have been working on the donation… Furthermore, to the kids: So sorry, thank you for giving us the chance to make up for it, we will be more stringent.”
Yang Mi breaks silence on fake donation scandal
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