“The Flame’s Daughter” cast tells all at their recent press conference

Dilraba Dilmurat Vic Chou The Flame
The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌 is less than an hour away, and we get more promos because well, who’s to complain about more reasons to get hyped. The show held a press conference yesterday afternoon in Beijing giving viewers a chance to see the cast in the flesh and to hear the inside scoop on what went on behind the scenes. 

 Vic Chou The Flame
On working together for the first time with Vic Chou, Dilraba Dilmurat reveals that they had a lot of chemistry. She observed that Vic is extremely different from his cool image and actually talks a lot. Vic Chou said that Dilireba had an overabundance of energy and that acting was no longer enough to satisfy her as she started dabbling behind the scenes too from acting as a lighting master to other jobs in the crew.
Dilireba then revealed a more embarrassing tidbit by saying that Vic Chou really sweat a lot. They were filming during the summer and he was sweating from March until August. 
Vin Zhang Liu Rui Lin The Flame
I’m still a little sad that the main otp really seems to be Vic and Dilraba, which means that Vin Zhang is definitely NOT gonna get the girl? Nonetheless, he and Liu Rui Lin shared a dubious concoction courtesy drink of their castmates after both of them lost at a game. 
Dai Si Lion Lai Yi Zhang He The Flame
The remaining couple pairings also in attendance include Lion Lai with Gong Beibi and Zhang He with Dai Si, and they seemed equally ready to carry on with the naughty jabs throughout the night. When asked to do a tell all on Lion Lai, Dai Si said that he was always armed with a mirror while filming before asking, “Am I good looking today, Am I elegant today? Am I tall?” When asked if she had more to say, Dai Si admits that she doesn’t dare say any more. 
Zhang He was much nicer when he talked about Dai Si. He shared a scene where she had to jump to a tree high up. Since she was afraid of heights, she had to put on a brave face but was really shaking inside and he muses that it was cute the way she handled it. 
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