“Ten Years Late” wraps filming

Ten Years Late wrap filming Shawn Dou
Another drama calls it a day and enters post-production, bringing the running tally for unaired dramas up one more count. Shawn Dou received the standard bouquet on his last day filming for Ten Years Late 十年三月三十日 in Japan. He also has three other dramas waiting to air – Tears In Heaven, See You Again and From Survivor To Healer and has started working on his next project opposite Dilireba.  

Ten Years Late wrap filming Japan
On March 1st, the show announced that the production has officially wrapped, dropping last day photos of the rest of the cast that include Gulnezer Bextiyar, Jeremy Jones, Cecilia Song Yanfei, Wang Ziyun and Jin Ze Hao. Now, I don’t know how many dramas everyone has in total, but just going off the top my head, there’s Gulnezer’s Retourner Le Monde A Toi also starring Jeremy Jones. 
Ten Years Late wrap filming Guli Nazha
Jeremy Jones is an actor that plays second fiddle quite often. His two dramas Siege in Fog and The Legend of Dugu finally get to see the light of day which leaves Braveness of the Ming waiting for an air date. It kind of begs the question on when Ten Years Late will be able to air. I was looking forward to it for being an adaptation of a popular manga though I’m really not seeing much of a connection. I’m still fond of the cast though. 
Ten Years Late wrap filming
Ten Years Late wrap filming Song Yanfei
Ten Years Late wrap filming
Ten Years Late wrap filming
Ten Years Late wrap filming
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