Sandra Ma celebrated her birthday and White Day with Oho Ou

Sandra Ma Oho Ou White Day 2018
It’s so common to have a media frenzy over get togethers and breakups, and not as often do we care to read about what goes on in between. Yesterday was White Day, an occasion celebrated as Valentine’s Day in Japan, China, Korea and a number of Asian countries. It also happens to be Sandra Ma’s birthday as she turned the big 3-0. Her boyfriend Oho Ou revealed pictures from the b-day bash captioned, “Someone cried today, happy birthday, classmate little Ma.” Behind her are a giant Doraemon and Nobit with the initials O and M. 
Aww, if he prepared all this, it’s too sweet. Netizens saw a glimpse of the two at the airport afterwards, and it looks like Sandra Ma brought her mom too (see pics). 

Sandra Ma Oho Ou White Day 2018
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