Panda Impressions #31: Secret of the Three Kingdoms, Only Side By Side With You

Panda Impressions
Here’s the first impressions post on the two new premieres for the week.

Secret of the Three Kingdoms

First Impressions Secret of the Three Kingdoms
Yang Ping learns that the life he thought he knew had been a lie and that he must enter the palace as the King’s twin brother. It’s not the most exciting first episode to wait for the clueless kid get himself up to speed, but what little glimpses we catch of the supporting characters leave quite an impression. I can see myself being drawn to them more so than the mild-mannered main character, but what can I say, I’m sure it won’t be hard to like Yang Ping since he’s being played by Ma Tianyu

Only Side By Side With You

A socially-inept girl named Nan Qiao meets a very cool guy named Shi Yue. There are gang fights, miniature drones and puking in the car when guy takes the girl home, but the romance / action / comedy turns suspenseful. Shi Yue starts snooping around the house after he comes across Nan Qiao’s research work and his face flashes a hint of recognition. What is the deal with the mystery guy? 
First Impressions 31 Only Side By Side With You
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