Panda Impressions #30: Beauties in the Closet and The Big Bug

Panda Impressions
Here are our first impressions of two recent web dramas that aired this year.

Beauties in the Closet

First Impressions Beauties in the Closet
I’m finding it hard to have anything positive to say after having difficulty sitting through even one episode. My friend’s sister watches this though, so it could be just me. 
The two heroines come across as trying too hard, and I’m not sure where else to pin the blame on, maybe it’s the writing, the makeup or the shrilly dubbing. Hu Bing Qing plays the main protagonist who steals the sacred fruit for herself in order to be chosen as the representative to save her tribe. Because of what she did, she also fulfills her lifelong wish to become beautiful and honestly, somewhere in dramaland, there’s a villain doing the exact same thing and getting hate for it.  

The Big Bug

First Impressions The Big Bug
A man gets mixed up with dangerous people after agreeing to switch identities with a doppelganger that he randomly meets. As the penniless, down and out guy, Wang Yanlin is a completely different character from when he played a villain in Princess Agents though we do get a hint of that sinister aura in the few scenes where he’s the black-suited gangster. I like the setup, which is a refreshing change from most c-dramas. It’s a good concept, decently executed and well-acted. I must admit that the latter half of the episode lost some of its steam, which leaves me somewhat on the fence in terms of continuing. 
First Impressions The Big Bug

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