Panda Impressions #28: Legend of Zu 2 & The Smiling, Proud Wanderer 2018

Panda Impressions 28
This week’s finds are two dramas that have been covered in the past, but it’s always welcome to hear things from another perspective. Besides, the verdict seems to be one and the same in that both dramas could have been better. Also, the super adorable panda is courtesy of Deb (Thank U!). She writes many of her K-drama posts here.

Legend of Zu 2

Panda Impressions 28 Legend of Zu 2

I was kind of interested in this drama due to the fact that I really enjoyed the first series. Sadly, when the drama begins, there are plenty of trivial stupid moments that I could’ve done without. The main characters become students of Mount Zu, our female ‘Zhao Li Ying’ falls in love, becomes embroiled in searching for the missing 5 stars and hopefully helping her brother save their village. There is a lot going on. The drama so far is mediocre and predictable. – Contributed by Judy. 

The Smiling, Proud Wanderer

Panda Impressions 28 The Smiling Proud Wanderer

The drama begins by bombarding you with tons of characters and in mid plot, like being on the rollercoaster at full speed with no build up. This is a drama that assumes you know the storyline already, they are just presenting it to you differently. The newbie cast is ok, I neither loved nor hate them. My only statement is, if you love this series and know the storyline, it is interesting to see how differently it is presented. IF this is your first time watching the Smiling Proud Wanderer, start with the 2013 version! It will make more sense and be less chaotic. – Contributed by Judy. 

Panda Impressions 28 The Smiling Proud Wanderer


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