Louis Koo, Raymond Lam and Jessica Hsuan reunite for “A Step Into The Past” movie

A Step Into The Past movie adaptation confirms original cast
A Step Into the Past 寻秦记 is getting a movie adaptation after 17 years with the same main cast led by Louis Koo, Raymond Lam and Jessica Hsuan. The recent drama remake led by Chen Xiang was a letdown for me personally, so my childhood self is elated to hear that the three main leads who have not had the opportunity to work together since 2001 are really returning for the movie.  Filming is expected to begin before the end of the year. 
Louis Koo return for A Step Into The Past movie adaptation
Louis Koo is currently collecting awards for his role in the movie Paradox, the third installment for the SPL film series, that has landed him the Best Actor win at the Hong Kong Film Directors’ Guild Awards, the 12th Asian Film Awards and Weibo Night 2017 within this month alone. 
During an interview, the actor was able to talk briefly about the movie adaptation for A Step Into The Past (it’s titled Back to the Past). He said that having Raymond Lam and Jessica Hsuan on board really brings back the feels from when they were filming the drama. The movie tackles a new story altogether but will still be related to the original though he reassures fans that Xiang Shao Long will be back.
Raymond Lam, Jessica Hsuan return for A Step Into The Past movie adaptation
Raymond Lam shared that after working for so many years, he hopes to bring something different to his portrayal. After all, A Step Into The Past was his first costume drama. Jessica Hsuan said that she has been doing some homework of her own and reviewing the drama in preparation for filming. 
The general impression I get is that the movie will be different but the same. I hope it’s new and improved and does justice to the original. I’m still wondering whether the other cast members like Sonija Kwok, Kwong Wa and Michelle Saram will return too.
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