Li Yi Feng to lead another Republican spy drama after “Sparrow”

Li Yi Feng to lead another Republican spy drama after “Sparrow”
Secretly, Greatly Chinese drama Li Yi Feng
Li Yi Feng’s schedule for the next few days is being reported on various internet sites – one of which includes a filming ceremony for a new drama, which has him playing a rookie cop turned secret agent. There’s definitely some typecasting going on considering that Li Yi Feng already tackled a similar role three years ago when he filmed Sparrow. The drama went on to become a hit, so they may be on to something here.

Day & Night Chinese webdrama
Filming is expected to begin on March 28, 2018 in Shanghai. Wang Wei who directed the critically-acclaimed crime thriller Day & Night is slated to direct. Day & Night star Pan Yue Ming is also rumored to make a special appearance.
The drama’s Chinese title is temporarily 隐秘而伟大, which in English, is just a few jumbled words different from the Korean movie Secretly, Greatly starring Kim Soo Hyun. I don’t see any correlation between the two other than both having espionage as a theme, so I’m hoping for less copying and a more original title.
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