Leon Lai is going to become a father!

Leon Lai father at age 51
Famous Cantopop singer and actor Leon Lai is always remembered for his golden era as one of The Heavenly Four Kings though he was recently in the tabloids for secretly dating his assistant, Wing Chan, who is 19 years younger than him (he’s 51, that’s quite the age gap there). She reported directly to Leon and often went to his home at odd hours for business meetings. Their working arrangement has provoked considerably gossip, especially when she was reported to be 6 months pregnant! 

Leon Lai dating assistant Ah Wing, becomes father
When rumors of her pregnancy started, he came out clean on Facebook.
Leon Lai dating assistant Ah Wing, becomes father
Where he stated: 
“For two people who have experienced divorce, having the opportunity to be together still counts as fate, the arrival of a new life will make me a father and take me to the next chapter in my life. As a father, I must protect my family, and do not wish for them to be easily exposed. I believe that anyone who is a parent will share the same sentiments. Towards our future, time will prove everything. 19/03/2018”

We congratulate him and wish him the best in this new chapter of his life!

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