Idols Lay, Luhan, Tao, Victoria with respective dance shows in China

Hot-Blood Dance Crew Chinese reality show
Since Hot-Blood Dance Crew premiered last week, the show along with Idol Producer and Street Dance of China have been topping the Vlinkage daily rankings for online variety shows, taking turns in first, second and third for most of the week. Here’s a little something about each one. 

Rankings for dance shows in China Luhan, Lay, Tao, Victoria

Hot-Blood Dance Crew
Hot-Blood Dance Crew Chinese reality show
Produced by the same team behind The Rap of China, this is a survival dance show mostly about Hip-Hop where four teams led by Luhan, Jackson Wang from GOT7, Victoria Song from F(x) and William Chan compete against each other. Only the best can win!
The show premiered on March 17 on iQiYi

Idol Producer
Idol Producer Chinese reality show Lay Zhang
This one is also a survival dance show. It gathers trainees from different companies and some independent trainees who compete against each other. The format and voting system of the show is very similar to the Korean reality show PRODUCE101
It is presented by Zhang Yixing from EXO who is also one of the coaches. Coincidentally, we get to see Jackson Wang from GOT7 here too (the man is a hard worker!). He along with MC Jin are the rap mentors while Cheng Xiao from Cosmic Girls and Zhou Jie Qiong from PRISTIN are dance mentors. Last but not least, Li Rong Hao is the vocal instructor. 
With these coaches, you just can’t go wrong! The show premiered on January 19 on iQiYi.

Street Dance of China
Street Dance of China Poster C-pop
This gives its own spin to street dancing. The participants are chosen from a sea of candidates based on a system that is very different from the ones above.
First, the program is shot in four streets that represent different regions and cultures, but the prime set is a combination of sci-fi and Chinese elements. Every street has a “street captain”. To gain recognition, the participant must face the street captain on a dance duel to show off their skills.
The captains are Jackson Yee from TF BOYS, Show Luo, Han Geng and Huang ZitaoThe show premiered on February 24 on Youku
To be honest, I can’t pick one, but perhaps I would be rather biased toward Idol Producer because you know… Lay.
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